Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My wardrobe loves: Coloured tights

One of my essential wardrobe items is tights in as many colours as possible. I’ve always had a love for coloured tights, and had my first pair of bright blue ones about ten years ago, back before you could get away with wearing them in a Brisbane winter without raising eyebrows. Back then, my love for coloured tights exceeded my love for clothes and I was fond of just wearing them with whatever outfit, without paying attention to making them a part of the outfit, which probably gleaned me more weird looks as well.

These days, I’ve got a better eye for what looks good and how an outfit comes together, so I can wear them without getting so many raised eyebrows. I also have a lot more confidence, which I think is one of the key things when making bold outfit choices. I’ve also discovered a haven for coloured tights, an American online retailer called We Love Colors. I don't, however, have a great place for taking full length selfies, so all I've got to share with you at the moment are leg shots!

We Love Colors sells tights, leggings, dancewear, socks and a plethora of other things in a rainbow of over 50 colours. My favourite product are their Nylon/Microfibre coloured tights because they’re quite thick and warm for a girl like me who doesn’t wear jeans or pants.

The great thing about We Love Colors is that, while shipping doesn’t cost much, every year when it starts to get cold and I start thinking about whatever colour it is that I don’t have in my wardrobe, they offer a discount code for free Australia and New Zealand shipping. It’s nice that they don’t forget about us! There’s currently a discount code running for us now, and until the end of the month, on orders over $50, Australians and New Zealanders can get free shipping using the code: WeLoveAUSNZ2014. I can usually easily spend the $50, but I also combine with friends so I don’t go overboard!

The other amazing thing about We Love Colors is that they have a brilliant style blog. They keep up-to-date with all the fashion bloggers around the world who are wearing their tights, share their pictures on their blog and tag them by colour. This means, if you’ve got it in your head that you need bright yellow tights, but don’t know how to wear them, you can enter ‘Yellow’ into the search box and you’ll get entries like this one featuring Sami from Poor and Pretty, wearing bright yellow tights and looking gorgeous. Or, if you’re after vintage looks with coloured tights, then search for vintage and get a whole list of retro-babes in their coloured tights. This is particularly good for those of you reading this post who aren't quite convinced by looking at my legs and shoes without outfit context.

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