Thursday, 2 July 2015

Late night shopping - bricks and mortar Brisbane locals

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a big fan of shopping small and shopping locally. As with many things in the digital age, the convenience of doing things online is choking a lot of small businesses, so it's important, where you can, to visit and support bricks and mortar stores. 

In Brisbane, there are a few places where I head to visit the staff and touch, see and most importantly, try on clothes and know exactly what the fit and cut and colour is like. I love shopping online as much as the next girl, but there's always a moment of nervousness when I rip open a package: is it going to fit? Will it look good? Will the colours look the same in person as they did online? 

So here are my go-to Brisbane places to visit:

28a Logan Road

Picture pinched from That Shop's Facebook

While there are more That Shop stores down the Gold Coast, in Brisbane we have a gorgeous store in Woolloongabba which is staffed by the loveliest ladies ever. You're always greeted with a friendly smile, asked if there's anything you're looking for and helped if you need it or left to browse if that's what you'd prefer. I love going in, telling the girls I'm shopping for an occasion and just standing in the change room playing dress ups. They love picking out outfits for you and many times I've walked away with a dress I may not have considered, but end up loving.

They're stockists of Pinup Girl Clothing, Collectif, Hell Bunny, Banned Apparel and many other loved pinup and rockabilly brands. There's makeup, hair product, accessories and handbags and they've just started stocking those awesome Sun Jellies tote bags! The stores are always immaculate and I find that there's a real pride in the items selected to go in the stores; the best cuts and patterns always make their way to That Shop. 

Shop 4, 1 Dayboro Road (right on the big roundabout)

Photo pinched from Tattooed Zombie's Facebook

A little off the beaten path for those of you in the city or South, but close for those of us on the Northside, Tattooed Zombie is one of my favourite places to stop. It's a small store, but if there's something in particular you're looking for, Dom is always happy to order it in for you. It's never taken more than a week for an item to come in, and Dom always messages straight away to let you know it's in stock. 

They stock Hell Bunny, Pinup Girl Clothing, Lindy Bop, Erst Wilder, and more, along with a range of shoes including TUK.

She also does some great flash sales, so I highly recommend adding Tattooed Zombie on Facebook so you know when something's coming up. Dom's always really accommodating with these sales too and if you can't make it out to Petrie at short notice, she'll take phone orders for you. 

2/247 Logan Road
Stones Corner

Picture pinched from Ursalady Creations' Facebook

I love this shop. Everyone who works at Ursalady Creations is so friendly, they have a huge range of products from true vintage, to the latest Collectif pieces. They also stock steampunk, costumes, bustle dresses, corsets, Ursula's own line of gorgeous clothes, underwear, and lots of other bits and pieces. The prices are reasonable and everyone will go out of their way to help you; and by out of their way, I mean, I've had offers to keep the store open later until I could get there, dresses held for me and just some of the best service I've ever experienced. 

So those are a few of my favourite places to shop in Brisbane. Are you a local - where are your favourites? And I'd love to hear about stores in your local areas, Australia or otherwise! 



  1. Also try Rockbilly Retro at Strathpine :-)

    1. Oh, thanks Kaycee, they're really close to me, I'll definitely check them out.