Monday, 7 September 2015

Wardrobe tantrums and dresses as tops

Most days I plan what I'm going to wear before I get up in the morning because if I don't, disaster can strike (particularly on the days where I'm teaching and need to be out of the house early). Wardrobe tantrums are the result of what happens when I don't plan - I am sure lots of you ladies can relate to the way it feels when a dress doesn't look right, so you pull it off and it goes on the floor, then that skirt doesn't fit, so it goes onto the floor too, and before long you're standing in your underwear, hot, sweaty, stressed and usually late. 

But this outfit was a lucky stop to what was fast becoming a wardrobe tantrum. I'd grabbed my Black Milk bowerbird play dress off the hanger on a whim after not planning (on an early start morning too), and I decided quickly it was a winter dress, and too short to wear in the spring now I've given up on tights for the season. I grabbed a skirt off the clean laundry pile and was pulling it on at the same time I was pulling off the dress, but then realised that actually, the dress worked well with the skirt as a top. The green cardigan had been given to me a couple of days before and also easily accessible, and after that, choosing shoes to match was an easy choice! 

I was really happy with this outfit because it gave me some new inspiration and a way to wear some of my shorter Black Milk dresses in the summer. I also wore some of my new Ariel jewellery, bought from Hot Topic while I was in the US. I felt like it was a nice pairing - bowerbirds are collectors and Ariel's kind of the bowerbird of the sea! 


Outfit details
Top (actually a dress):
Black Milk Bowerbirds white play dress
Bow and Necklace: Hot Topic
Shoes: Crocs


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