Monday, 21 December 2015

12 days (and more) of Christmas outfits: week three

Monday December 14

Remember back to Week One, when I went to the Black Milk sample sale? Well, this was one of my purchases. I was worried about the skirt being sheer, but with a black slip underneath it was a nice summer outfit.

Outfit details
Skirt: Black Milk Prima Donna Red Tulle skirt (now in the museum)
Hair flower: Home

Tuesday December 15

I love this dress so much. I searched for it online and was lucky enough to, after months of hunting, have a lovely Trashy Diva girl sell it to me. And it still had the tags on! It then spent a couple of months hanging in my closet because I had a pageant theme that worked well with it. Now I've retired, the dress is fair outfit game! 

Outfit details
Dress: Trashy Diva (now sold out, but you might be eBay lucky)
Shoes: Crocs

Wednesday December 16

This is possibly the greatest Christmas  t-shirt I have ever found. A Mickey shirt for Mickey. I am a bit disappointed that I didn't also grab the Minnie Mouse one, but for me, it's all about Mickey. 

Outfit details
T-shirt: Big W

Thursday December 17

Before December, I wrote a rough list of the sorts of outfits I wanted to wear for this challenge and one of them was an angel theme. I searched and searched for a white dress to wear, couldn't find one, gave up on being an angel, and then my mum told me she had some (which was about five). This one was perfect! I considered wearing the wings to work, but people got the idea without. No outfit details for this one (but you should all shop your mum's wardrobes). My halo is made from Christmas wire that you can buy at every bargain store, and I just wrapped two colours together. The wings are from Bargain City and my angel brooch is thrifted. 

Friday December 18

It's no secret I love Black Milk. One of the things I've loved since I started buying from them is their holiday-themed designs. This year I didn't love their Christmas collection though, so I started chasing the buy sell swap group for the older Christmas designs that I'd passed up. You've already seen the Christmas tree dress. This is the second one and it's gorgeous. The print is so vibrant and Christmassy! It's a little short though. 

I had just picked up this tie front shirt from Mamar Dynamite (who custom made this for my measurements - no gapey buttons. So many more posts about Mamar to come!) the day before, so I tried it out over the top. And my pudding earrings are my favourite and most tacky Christmas jewellery! 

Outfit details
Dress: Black Milk Clothing The Nutcracker Scoop Skater (museum)
Shirt: Custom-made by Mamar Dynamite
Earrings: Lovisa 

Saturday December 19

Another brilliant Christmas shirt I acquired this season! This one is from Kmart Australia and was perfect for my casual Saturday. 

Outfit details

Sunday December 20 (only five days to go!)

I went into Brisbane City to see the Christmas parade and light show on Sunday. We had dinner down by the river and it was lovely to see the bridge lit up in Christmas colours. 

Outfit details
Shirt and bag: Kmart Australia

That's the second last outfit round-up for Christmas!! I'm going to attempt to get the final week's worth of outfits up by Christmas night, so stay tuned. 

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