Tuesday, 29 December 2015

12 Days (and more) of Christmas Outfits: Week three (and the end)

Christmas is over for another year, but I still have a few more outfits to share with you all (and technically, the 12th Day of Christmas is the 6th of January, so it's not that late).

This challenge was fun and I definitely want to do some more during the year, whether that's dressing to a theme or styling one piece ten different ways. It's hard to pinpoint what I liked the most about this last couple of weeks, but I think maybe the fact that people talked to me. They stopped to complement me, or talk about Christmas, or even just smiled more. It got easier and easier to make time everyday to take photos (not to mention, I got a lot less embarrassed about taking photos of myself in public places). 

Monday December 21

Outfit details
Dress: Kitten D'Amour Girl Crazy collar dress (past collection)
Shoes: Kmart shoes, glittered by me

Tuesday December 22

Outfit details
Dress: Black Milk Clothing Wrapped dress (past collection)
Hairpiece: Homemade
Shoes: Novo (they're on sale so hurry!)

Wednesday December 23

Outfit details
Dress: Black Milk Clothing gingerbread dress (past season)
Shoes: Kmart shoes, glittered by me
Hairpiece: Made by me

Thursday December 24

Outfit details
Shirt: Pinup Girl Clothing Doris top in Red (with a green Kmart shirt underneath)
Shoes: Kmart shoes, glittered by me

This one was my Zooey Deschanel from Elf-inspired outfit. I couldn't find a plain red tunic dress, so I paired a skirt and shirt which fortunately matched really well. I always need an undershirt with my Doris tops, so the green t-shirt was an obvious choice for this one! 

Friday December 25

Outfit details
Shoes: Kmart shoes, glittered by me

This is the outfit I had been saving all Christmas long! Mamar Dynamite is a Brisbane seamstress who makes the most adorable outfits. She's saved my terrible-sewing bacon by taking this impulse-bought Santa fabric and turning it into the perfect Christmas Day dress.

I was going to wear this more than once, but the day I picked it up I knew this was destined to be my last day dress. Next year, I'll pick out some more fabric and put Santa into the general rotation.


And that's it! I'm already thinking about outfits for next Christmas and want to make sure I invest in some in season pieces so my looks can be replicated (sorry about that - I spent all Christmas long hunting down past season Black Milk dresses and realised that you'd all have to do the same). 

I hope you enjoyed my festive blog posts this December and are enjoying a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. 

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