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Hi, I’m Mel, or, depending on where you meet me, Miss Mickey.

I’m a nerdy pinup girl from Brisbane Australia. I wear lots of hats: during the day, I work in marketing and communications. When I go home I run a freelance business called Little Red Writes where I write, edit and help authors with their marketing. I also work with up-and-coming authors and publishers with marketing, manuscript development and submissions, and write my own fiction.

As a pinup, I write a regular column for Red Lipstick Pinups Magazine that's all about getting started in this crazy, fun world of vintage. I also work at events such as car shows, model products and work with photographers.

When I'm not working, then I’m usually in the kitchen baking or at my sewing machine making costumes. Like a lot of pinups, I’m a huge nerd. I fangirl Marvel comics (especially Loki and Black Widow), Doctor Who, Buffy, Batman, Batgirl, Game of Thrones… I add things to that list all the time and get nerdier every minute. I like reading, watching telly, riding my bike and day trips to the country (especially if there are antique stores and markets involved).

My style is a bit of a mish-mash. I’m primarily into pinup, 40s and 50s: big full skirts, cinched waists, adorable patterns and loopy hair. But I also wear the occasional mod-style dress, love big, flowy 70s maxi dresses (especially in a Queensland summer) and have a super incurable addiction to Black Milk leggings.

I've been blogging for a while – mostly about food and baking over at Choc Mint Cupcake. You might wonder why, when the two hobbies have lots of obvious crossovers (baking from old cookbooks, eating out at retro style restaurants etc), I am still maintaining two blogs.

At the moment, it suits me better to split them into two. Choc Mint has been running for a long time now and is just coming into itself. My readership is steadily growing and I don’t want to make things too big or too jumbled by throwing in posts that might not appeal to those readers who found me for a specific reason. Where there’s a link and I cross post two parts of one story, I’ll let you know. Who knows though, one day, there might just be too much to share on both and they’ll merge!

If you'd like to talk to me about advertising in my side bar, sponsoring a  post, or hiring me as a model or writer, please email me: miss_mickey@outlook.com. I'm always interested in collaborating, so please get in touch!

*Disclaimer: this is a for profit blog. I am a part of Nuffnang and various affiliate and associate programs which means I get a small commission from any sales made after you click certain links. Sponsored posts are always marked (and if it's not marked, then I've just written about a particular brand/style etc because I wanted to!). I will only support brands and products that I personally recommend. 

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