Monday, 11 August 2014

A visit to Ms Katt

When I was down in Tassie, I had the chance to stop in and visit Ms Katt’s Kustom House. It was nice for me to get the chance to visit a pinup shop that I’d heard so many lovely things about. It was even nicer to have a long chat with Ms Katt, who is so friendly and helpful and sells some gorgeous things (and even turned a heater on in the change rooms for me!).

The shop is huge (my pictures are just of the racks - they don't do the actual shop justice at all!) and there’s lots and lots of stock filling the racks.

I’d specifically gone in looking for the Mermaid Mexican circle skirt that, at the time, was sold out everywhere else. I've been dreaming of this skirt since before Miss Cooly Rocks On (it fit with the mermaid theme of me parade outfit), so I was so excited to actually get it on and fall even more in love with it. It’s honestly the most beautiful skirt I have ever bought and I can’t quite bring myself to stop stroking it every time I go into my wardrobe and actually wear it. I’m not sure I’m going to find an occasion special enough to wear it!

I also tried on this gorgeous, gorgeous orange branch border print Jenny skirt that I love and will be putting on my wishlist. I think what really attracts me to this skirt is the fact it’s in a different colour to most other things in my wardrobe (I tend to be strongly attracted to navy and red). I’m not actually the biggest fan of the Jenny style and am not like a lot of pinups who collect them in every print, but I love this print enough that I’d get over my quibbles (which are mostly minor and based on my perception that they make me look 10 times bigger than I actually am).

Miss Katt’s prices are really good to other stores and she ships Australia-wide, so even if you’re not in Tassie, I’d recommend you check out her Facebook and website for prices and to order. She’ll also get stock in for you if you’re after something she doesn't stock, which is super handy, given her prices!

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