Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Red Lipstick Pinups: My pinup column

If you've made it to my about me page, you'll know that I'm a trained writer and editor. I've got a lot of projects on the go, but every single one of them — even baking and pinup — leads back to my writing. 

That's why I'm really excited to let you know that I've started writing a column for the new Red Lipstick Pinups magazine. The first issue has just come out, and I've written some tips for getting started as a pinup girl. It's a nice fit with this blog, so if you enjoy my writing here, chances are you'll like my column too. 

Look, my name is on the cover and all!!! 

It's also full of gorgeous, lovely, talented pinup girls like my friend Lucy Lux. I strongly encourage you to jump online and purchase a copy (available in digital and print versions - and if you buy the print version, you get a digital copy free!) to not only support all the girls featured in its pages, but also to support the publisher/editor. It's not an easy time in any sort of publishing, and new magazines need ongoing support to continue. Magazines like this are really important for girls in this industry because they give them exposure and experience that they can use to benefit their careers. Red Lipstick Pinups already did this via their Facebook page and the magazine is a natural progression for them, which is another reason why I'm really proud to be a small part of it. 

Convinced? Then jump on and purchase a copy from here.

And don't forget to follow Red Lipstick Pinups on Facebook so you can keep up-to-date.

If you follow any of my tips from the magazine, be sure to take some pictures and email them to me: and I might even feature you here! 

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