Friday, 3 October 2014

Cruelty free pinup: e.l.f cosmetics

Hello! Yes, it’s me, the long lost blogger.

Somehow, I haven’t quite managed to hit on the magical “I have something to post once or twice a week” posting schedule that some of my favourites manage to maintain. I’d love to get into doing more outfit of the day posts, but it’s hard at the moment as I don’t have a decent camera (soon though, I promise) and when I have someone take photos for me, I have to wait until they have time to process them before I can use! So for now, you get erratic posts with iPhone pictures. Woo! Really selling myself here.

Okay, so now that’s said, moving on to the important stuff; makeup.

One of my most popular posts has been about my decision to only buy cruelty free products, so I want to extend on that and tell you a little bit about a makeup brand I discovered earlier this year; e.l.f. Cosmetics.
I’m a regular XOVain reader and somewhere, either in a post or the comments, someone said something about e.l.f. that piqued my interest. I did some research, found their Australian arm and subscribed to their mailing list.

On top of being cruelty free (and both PETA and CCF certified), E.L.F. is cheap. Like, wicked cheap. Once upon a time, I’d walk up to my favourite cosmetic counter and drop $200 on maybe three or four products. These days, I log onto and drop $42 and get all this:

That's a full size foundation, set of eyebrow stencils, a lipstick brush, a blush, package of eye makeup removers, a pressed powder compact and a mascara. For $42.

Now I know, cheap doesn't always mean good. But the thing is, e.l.f is. It’s really, really gosh-darn good. The last time I had their foundation, it lasted twice as long as my old Benefit one did; gives, in my opinion, a much better coverage while at the same time feeling a lot lighter. It’s $12. Seriously. I could buy four for what I paid for foundation previously!

This Essential Clarifying Pressed Powder, sells for $3 and while I love it as a product, is one of the only things I’ve bought from e.l.f. that doesn’t last as long as a premium product. That being said, it's been going strong for quite a while. But really, at that price, I could buy 16 packets of it for what I paid for a more expensive brand, which only lasted a couple of months more than the cheaper one anyway.

One of my desert island products is their lip exfoliator which has made a noticeable difference to the condition of my lips and the way that lipstick lasts. You just rub it over your lips for a few seconds — I usually do mine before I do my sunscreen, so by the time I get to my foundation, most of the sugary grains have dissolved and I just run a wet washer over my lips. Oh, and it tastes divine!

There’s a lot of talk about how their prices are a lot higher than they are in the US, but they’re still a lot lower than most brands here. I’ve found that as I’ve been running out of products at home, e.l.f. has had a comparable, cheaper and in many ways, better one to replace it.

The only negative is that their shipping is a little on the steep side, with you needing to spend $100 to get it for free. Spending $100 is actually hard work with prices this low! But if you sign up to their mailing list, the offer enough free or reduced shipping deals that I’ve never actually paid full price.

They’re now stocked in Kmart Australia with the same prices as online, but I’ve found their range to be seriously reduced in-store and products like foundation are never available (and they sell out really quickly too).

Even if you’re not going cruelty free, I’d say saving prices provides another bonus and would encourage all you pinups to give e.l.f a try. And if you’ve got any questions, would like to hear a bit more about some other products, and actually see my face in some of them, let me know.

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. 

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