Sunday, 26 October 2014

Vintage glamour makeover and photoshoot

A horrid virus has really knocked the stuffing out of me for the last few weeks, and while I’m still battling the tail end of it (a nasty cough), I’m feeling a lot better. Better enough to start catching up on some blog posts, because I’ve been super busy!

Today, I’m back-tracking to my birthday weekend in September when I went to have some pictures taken by Danielle Hamilton as a part of a vintage glamour makeover with the Lindy Charm School. I first met Danielle at my very first vintage shoot, nearly a year ago now, when she was helping out with a shoot day for Brooke Orchard. We’d stayed in touch, and when she included shooting pinups into her repertoire (Dani’s also a well-known newborn photographer), I was practically beating down her door waiting for a date to book with her.

We had a quick chat after I booked my shoot and I sent her my Pinterest board of shoot inspiration. When she came back to me mentioning that her bathroom had the perfect light for a bath session, to say I was excited was an understatement.

Even saying that now, I have to do a bit of a double-take. Less than a year ago, I’d barely had a camera that wasn’t attached to a phone pointed at me, let alone stripping down into (half) of my swim suit and rolling around in a bath with a photographer and others watching and yet, I pretty much leapt into the bath that day.

Miss Chrissy, principal of the Lindy Charm School for girls, worked her magic on my hair and makeup.

Then, she wrapped my hair in a scarf which all the girls at the shoot said made me look like a strawberry milkshake and I hopped into the bath.

I wasn’t great for a start, but I never am when the camera is first pointed at me. But it doesn’t take as long any more for me to stop being so self-conscious. It wasn't just bath photos though, I also got dressed, had my hair taken down, and we took some sexy (a word I never thought I'd use to describe myself) photos taken in the gorgeous purple wiggle dress I bought for Miss Cooly Rocks On.

I am so happy with the shots that, after all of that writing about the process, I’ve posted the only two photos from my set that I'm going to post for now. I’m not sharing the rest for good reason though; Dani and I are going to submit some of these pictures to magazines! I don’t know if I’ve got a chance of being published or not, but it’s nice to have some pictures that I think could be published.

Anyway, if any of you are still sitting on the fence about doing a glamour shoot day, this and my experience last year with Brooke and Chrissy, have been life-changing experiences. In the day of reality TV show, I’m loathe to use the word ‘journey,’ but I have kind of been on a very surprising one this year and while it might sound cheesy, good photography experiences have been the catalyst for that aforementioned reality-tvesque journey. There are a few running at the moment, but you should follow Danielle and Chrissy on their individual Facebooks for all the details of their events. Chrissy organises shoot days like this all over Australia, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Your photos looks amazing, I really hope your submissions go well - I'd love to see more!

  2. Thank you! I will definitely share them once the submissions have been made. Fingers crossed you'll be able to see them in an actual magazine soon!