Saturday, 28 March 2015

Kitten D'Amour Picnic in Paris playsuit

I might be doing the world a disservice by writing about this playsuit, because it's not currently in stock any more. But as a follower to my post about meeting Tess Holliday, I wanted to quickly add in a post about this suit.

I found this playsuit on the sale at my local Kitten D'Amour just after I'd had my teeth out. It was a pain-killer addled purchase, but the price was seriously amazing for KD stuff, and I'd had my eye on it back when the collection was new. 

Shorts are not my thing. Back in my tomboy days, if I came out of my beloved grey jeans, I favoured long shorts - the kind that come to your knee (and then I may have hung a chain from them). My legs are, well, legs. They have dimples, they're not the skinniest part of me and I have a lot of scars from having severe dermatitis when I was younger. But I love this playsuit and didn't care about my legs once I had it on because it was so comfortable. 

I decided that my new-found leg confidence, I decided the Tess Holliday event was the perfect first place to wear this suit. 

There are two things I don't love about it however; firstly, the legs are lined, which is great, but the lining isn't attached to the bottom front layer (if that makes sense). This is probably so you don't walk the material up into your thighs, so in theory it's good, but every so often the outside of my shorts would roll up over the inside, leaving me with the cream coloured material sort of hanging out. Not very elegant at all. 

The other is the neckline. I was constantly tugging it up so it didn't become too indecent. It's cute, but I feel like next time I wear it, I'll be trying to find a cami that doesn't take away from the cute front detailing and gives me a bit of security in the front. I hate constantly fiddling with my clothes.

I'd definitely try on other KD playsuits after buying this one, but I think I'd spend a bit more time considering the neckline and lining next time. 

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