Thursday, 26 March 2015

Late Night Shopping - Pinup DisneyBounding edition

I've always been a classic Disney girl (obviously, with a pinup name like Miss Mickey), but since I started cosplaying as Ariel, I've become a lot more obsessed with Disney Princesses. This year I've been eagerly going through pictures from Disney's Dapper Day celebrations, ogling all the girls who have been DisneyBounding as popular characters.

For those of you who haven't heard of DisneyBounding or Dapper Day, here are a few definitions for you:

Dapper Day is a twice-yearly celebration of 'stepping out in style' held at Disney parks around the world. The point is, you dress up to go to Disney; whether that's vintage and dapper, or just your interpretation of classy and elegant.

DisneyBounding is an interpretation of a Disney character's outfit that isn't actually a costume. I'm pretty sure this came about because adults are not actually allowed on Disney property dressed in costumes, so people don't confuse them with the people who are paid to be princesses and princesses (for some obvious reasons). But it's also now a part of Dapper Day that people dresses as dapper versions of their favourite characters. 

I love this idea so much (obviously, since this is the concept I used for my Rockabilly Ariel costume), and I know a few of you would enjoy being incognito princesses in your everyday clothes, so this week's Late Night Shopping is all about helping you get that Disney look in your wardrobe, with a vintage twist!

1. Rockabilly Ariel (modelled off my own costume, except I made my skirt and necklace myself!)

2. Snow White
Not the Zombie version this time. I do a version of this outfit, except I have a gorgeous yellow vintage dress that I found as a HUGE fluke (it was pretty much exactly what I was looking for - anyone who thrifts, knows that NEVER happens). This one is based off things you can get in store currently.

Pinup Snow White

3. Mickey Mouse
I couldn't do a DisneyBounding blog without including my namesake, Mr Mickey Mouse. I've seen lots of pinup versions of Minnie (and it's super cute and easy to do!) but never so much old Mickey. I did a version of Mickey, pinup Steamboat Willie Mickey, for my work Christmas party last year and it was the most comfortable Christmas party outfit I've ever worn.

Pinup Mickey Mouse

I had heaps of fun using Polyvore to create these collections and will definitely be using it to create more!!

Which characters would you like to see added? 

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