Thursday, 16 April 2015

Late night shopping - the swimsuit edition

Even though we’re finally starting to see some cooler weather here (I even woke up snuggled right down under the doona this morning, which made a nice change from sweating on top of it), my online browsing lately has consisted of 80% swimwear. It might be that I’ve just entered Miss Cooly Rocks on for 2015 and I’m starting to dream of the outfits I’d wear if I am lucky enough to be chosen as a finalist, or it might be that some of my friends are spending their upcoming Saturday afternoon floating in a pool of giant candy-inflatables at Sherbert Birdie’s pool party…

Anyway, here are some of my drool-worthy, wishlist items:

Bathing beauty suit from Modcloth
I have a thing about lobster print (I missed out on a Dangerfield lobster dress once and I’ve never gotten over it). Anyways, I love this suit so much – though if anyone sees something similar in white with red lobsters, let me know because I’d be all over that.

Fancy Dip One piece from Modcloth

I don’t think I’d ever get away with this suit, but there’s something about it that screams 70s movie star to me. It’d look awesome with a big floppy hat like this one from Unique Vintage:

Retro style pleated hat from Unique Vintage

Dive for excellence bikini in banana print from Modcloth

I can’t eat bananas in real life, but I do like them as a print (as long as it’s not scratch ‘n’ sniff). This suit is super cute and if I bought it, I’d be immediately asking Honey Cub to find me a banana print material and make me a headscarf to match!

And then there are accessories. 

Cream retro swimcap from Unique Vintage
When I used to do swimming training, I hated my cap. This cap, however, I love.

Crab print tote from Unique Vintage

This bag is awesome and would go with the crustacean theme of the lobster suit

Quay black thick Monroe sunglasses from Unique Vintage

And lastly, I think these sunnies would look rad with the 70s swimsuit!

With so many choices, I'm not actually sure what I'll pick if I do get into Miss Cooly. What do you guys think? And are you going to enter this year? There's still time, check out the Miss Cooly Rocks On Facebook for details. 

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