Monday, 25 May 2015

Shopping ban

Shopping ban. Two words that strike fear into my little heart.

Okay, so it’s not that bad. And actually, my shopping habit isn't too bad (or so I think, we’re about to test that theory). I've gone a really long way with my love of shopping; years ago, there was no activity I hated more than walking around a shopping centre, trying things on, hating everything, buying a bunch and still having nothing to wear. Then I started dressing pinup and worked out where to shop and I went in the complete opposite direction; I’d walk into a store, get super excited about the colours and styles and fit and buy everything.

I've slowed down a lot since then and I've become smarter about how I shop (I can say no now quite easily). But I do have my moments where I MUST HAVE that brooch I just saw Deer Arrow post (and I have it, and love it) or that skirt or that dress… this is how I ended up with a beautiful floor length evening gown that really can’t be worn to many places.

My new Deer Arrow brooch. You can see why I had to have it, right?

When I looked at that sad evening dress hanging in my wardrobe with nowhere to go and also when I pulled out a dress to wear to my sister's recent birthday party that I've had for a year and not worn, I decided it was time for another period of no shopping. I did it for a while last year to get myself out of a financial jam, and it’s time to start again.

I'm heading off to the US of A for a couple of weeks in July and I want to have actual cash to spend, as opposed to giving my credit card a workout. There’s a visit to the Pinup Girl Clothing boutique scheduled in for my second last day in the US, so I have to have enough money left to have fun there right at the end of the trip!

So I'm putting myself on a shopping ban for June. I have a few things to get organised for a photo shoot that’s in a couple of weeks. With that in mind, I'm aiming to make them my only spends in the next week, because from Monday 1 June, it’s no shopping for this mouse.

I have worn all of these... not sure if I've read the comics yet though...

I wish I could spend $0 between now and then, but obviously, I have to eat and things will come up. I shouldn't have to buy any toiletries or things like that because I tend to be a ‘buy up while on sale’ kind of make-up and shampoo buyer. But it means limiting frivolous things like lunches out and movie tickets as well as buying absolutely no clothes or accessories. When I feel the urge for new clothes, I can guarantee there are at least five skirts in my wardrobe that haven't been worn... there are probably some dresses as well. Eeep.

My wardrobe, where apparently, there are clothes with tags on hiding
I'm also going to sell some things to give myself a bit of a boost. I've got a few dresses and cosplay things that have been retired, so if you’re that way inclined, keep an eye on my eBay!

Deep breath. I know there's nothing that I currently desperately need in order to function. I'll be right. Oh... but if anyone wants to buy me these fox slippers from Kmart, that'd be rad (I wear a size 9)...

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