Friday, 12 June 2015

Pinup essentials

If you caught my last post, you'd know that I've been asked to share a few hints and tips about dressing and being a pinup for girls who are just getting started! This is the second of my articles which originally featured in Red Lipstick Pinups magazine, with a few updates and pictures to help you along.


Essentials can be different for every pinup girl, depending on why you want to be a pinup (such as looking for change of style, starting to model, competing in pageants pageants etc.) But I’ve put together a list of clothing, accessory and makeup items that should be in your pinup wardrobe!

A circle skirt 
Every pinup girl needs to have a circle skirt (or a few) in her wardrobe. If you’re just getting started, these skirts can be paired with t-shirts and blouses that you already have and still give you a vintage look. I love putting my circle skirts with my superhero shirts for a nerdy touch, or wearing pretty colours and a petticoat.

A wiggle dress
Figure-hugging dresses that show off your curves. They can take a lot of confidence to wear them, but believe me, they will make you look and feel fantastic.

Hair wraps
Brightly coloured hair wraps, scarves and do-rags are a pinup girls’ best friend. Because, let’s face it, some days your hair is not going to cooperate. Scarves and wraps hide a multitude of hair sins and take you from modern to vintage in a matter of seconds. You all know my favourites are from Honey Cub, so if you haven't' already checked them out, what are you waiting for?

Red lipstick and winged eyeliner
Start searching now, because every pinup has her favourite brand and shade of red lippy and preferred method for getting the perfect wing on your eyeliner. Check out some online tutorials for hints and tips on rocking the look, especially if you’re not used to wearing bright makeup!

I don’t know one single pinup who doesn’t have an extensive collection of brooches! Vintage brooches are easy to pick up from second-hand stores and markets, and there are also lots of places producing quirky and cute vintage-style brooches. Erst Wilder is an Australian company making some of the most gorgeous brooches ever, and they’re quickly gaining popularity all over the world. But I also love Deer Arrow and Heidi and Gretal at the moment for some gorgeous, quirky and unique brooches.

Fancy shoes
Shoes can be hard when it comes to your pinup wardrobe! Most of us have much bigger feet than our foremothers did, so finding vintage shoes is next to impossible. My advice is to develop an eye for “vintage-style” shoes. Think espadrilles, corked wedges, strappy Mary-Janes and Oxfords. It’s also worth shopping around for reproduction styles as you can pick them up at a fraction of the store price from some retailers.
Mermaid shoes and brooch 

I hope this has helped you get a handle on some essential pinup items! If there's anything you'd like me to go into more depth on, please let me know.

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