Friday, 5 June 2015

So, you want to be a pinup girl (or just change your style)...

I've been asked to share a few hints and tips about dressing and being a pinup for girls who are just getting started! I'm starting by making some updates to a few of my articles which featured in Red Lipstick Pinups magazine.

This is a piece I wrote about getting started as a pinup, with a focus on things you can do with your wardrobe.


So, you want to be a pinup girl.

Pinup is a term that can mean a lot of different things to different people. Some girls consider pinup to be a way of dressing, or a style. For others, it is a complete lifestyle, not just a way of dressing. Some girls aspire to become pinup models with portfolios and pictures published in magazines and others do pageants, or dance, or take photos…

For me, it started with changing my wardrobe so I felt more confident and comfortable. Then I tried a photo shoot, then I decided to try my luck at getting into a pageant, and it just went from there.

This was a very early start to dressing retro

Not matter your reason, it's valid! Chances are, once you’re involved you’ll discover more things you’d like to get involved in than you ever imagined. But the best place to get started, is with your wardrobe.

Here are five tips for overhauling your wardrobe so you can get that pinup look you love:

Research: Buy magazines, search the web and start following vintage/pinup/rockabilly girls. Most of them will have Facebook and Instagram and many of them have blogs. It’s a big supportive community, so when a girl finds a product or a shop they like, chances are they’ll share their favourites which will help you discover the best places to shop. Following other girls will also give you a good idea of how to put together an outfit, how to pose (if you’re heading down the photo route) and where the must-do events are.

Incorporate vintage and pinup touches in your everyday outfits: This is a good way of giving yourself a different look without having to purchase a new wardrobe in one hit. Buy a cute vintage bag, or style your hair with victory rolls. Add a brooch at your lapel, a flower in your hair and you’ll instantly transform your wardrobe. You can also look for some vintage-style staples at department stores; go for knee-length skirts, pretty blouses and cute shoes that you can mix and match as you expand your pinup wardrobe. I will elaborate on this point in a few weeks too, so keep an eye out!!

Stock up on staples: Look for things like neutral coloured tops, skirts, shoes and stockings This is especially important if you’re going to buy bright, out there vintage prints. You’ll need to have staples to mix and match to create different looks out of a few pieces.

Practice: If you’re also changing the way you style your hair and do your makeup, this is going to take some practice. It helps to watch tutorials on YouTube and then try and replicate a style and find out which techniques work best for you. You can also take a vintage styling workshop where you’ll learn basic hair and makeup.

It took a lot of experimenting to be able to do this! 

Go to events: If you’re completely overhauling your look, it might feel a bit weird at first to start wearing giant petticoats or looping your hair ten centimetres off your head in everyday life. A good way to ease yourself into the style (or to ease those around you into your style change) is to head to rockabilly and vintage events in your area where more people will be dressed up than not. But once you’re comfortable with your style, you should be able to rock your look wherever you go!

Events are also great because once you've been to a few, you’ll start meeting new people and become a part of the vintage community. And that’s when the real fun starts to happen!

Being in a pageant was a great way of meeting people!
If you've got any questions, or aspects of this post you'd like me to elaborate on, make sure you get in touch by clicking here! I love hearing what you want to hear.

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