Saturday, 31 October 2015

We're creepy and we're kooky...


It's Halloween, yay!

I'm not sure if it's because it's falling on a Saturday this year, or if my dreams have finally come true, but Halloween feels like a bigger deal than it has in years. It was never really a thing here in Australia, but it's been getting bigger and bigger. I've been out and about today and there are so many people dressed in costumes and makeup talking about trick or treating and parties, and I love it.

Tonight I'm planning on watching something scary and hopefully handing out lollies to some trick or treaters (if any come - it's not a sure thing). Halloween is weird sort of non-event for me as a cosplayer, which is weird. I think it's because inevitably, someone asks to borrow one of my costumes and I have to explain to them how much work goes into them. So, I decided to show off how easy it is to put together a closet costume without spending a penny.

It's hot here in Brisbane today, so no long sleeve sweater for me. Instead, white shirt under a black t-shirt, black skirt and Docs. For my makeup, I mixed my regular foundation with some white face paint, went heavy on the eyes and easy on the contouring (just a little along the cheek bones). I always suggest to my non-cosplay friends that they pick an iconic character who wears normal wardrobe items if you don't want to spend hours crafting.

Outfit details
T-shirt & white shirt: Kmart Australia
Docs: Vintage


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