Monday, 30 September 2013

Ahoy Matey: Brisbane Gangsters' Ball 2013

“I’ve got a brilliant idea,” I texted Miss B late on Friday night after I’d arrived home from Frock UpBrisbane. “Let’s go to the ball as sailorettes.”
The next morning, I paid an excited visit to my favourite store; Your One Stop Pinup Shop (Gympie Road, Chermside. Just up from the shopping centre on the same side of the road) where Miss Bek and Miss Erin helped me pick out a Bettie Page sailor circle dress, a soft, fluffy red petticoat and sailor hats. During the week, Miss B made a trip to visit the girls at the store and bought the same dress, a white petticoat and a white hat and we dressed up as sailorettes and headed off to the Brisbane Gangsters’ Ball. 

Held at the Tivoli, stepping into the Brisbane Gangsters’ Ball was like stepping into a weird time machine. It was a clash of times with 20s flappers, elegant 40s ladies with their army sergeants or captains on their arms met with 50s pinups and burlesque babes. The event itself is a recreation of a prohibition speakeasy and is dimly lit, smoky with burlesque and vaudeville performers, card tables, a photobooth and even a hair and makeup booth. It’s a show, a dance and a costume party all rolled into one super-fun night.  

I was so impressed at how pretty much every single person at the Ball had dressed up. There weren’t that many half-hearted attempts, and everyone was really getting into character. The other great thing was, if someone liked your outfit, they’d come up and tell you! We got a few comments (one guy told me that my hair was “eeeee-nour-mous” — probably not intended as a compliment, but when you spend as much time teasing as I do, I took it as one) and I’m really pleased that we decided to go as a matching, themed pair.
The Tivoli, one of my favourite venues in Brisbane, was built in 1917 is pretty much perfect for a retro-themed night like this and really made me feel as though I’d stepped back in time. I can’t think of a place more perfect in Brisbane to hold it!

My only complaint about the whole night was that there was a lack of seating. I didn’t mind standing to watch the performers, but after a while, my feet were killing me (and I wasn’t the only one who commented on this). Luckily, the security guards were really nice and let us sit on the stairs, which gave my poor feet some much needed relief. 

We had fun in a group of two (with a few other friends to say hi to across the night), but I’d recommend getting a big group together, it’s definitely the event to get all your friends to.

All pieces are from Your One Stop Pinup Shop

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