Thursday, 17 November 2016

Help remove Archie's tumour, win Kimberley Freeman books

Hi friends, it's been a while (relaunching at a new URL soon, hence leaving this one alone for a while)...

One of the big things that's happened since I last posted here is that I adopted a gorgeous seven-year-old Westie boy called Archie. We have been together for a month now and have completely fallen in love. Archie is a happy dog who loves his morning walks. He's affectionate and loves pats and belly rubs, dinner time, and sleeping. He's happy to come out with me and sit under the table at a coffee shop and he makes friends wherever he goes (even the neighbour kids routinely knock on my door and ask if Archie can come out and play with them). 

But sadly, while Archie was vet checked before I rescued him, a few days after he came home, I found a little lump on the back of his right hind leg. It looks like a nasty pimple. But it's actually a tumour with cells from two kinds of malignant cancers inside (one is a mast tumour and the other is a sarcoma). It will have to be removed, it's not a little job and it's close to a set of lymph nodes so they're coming out too. 

With the encouragement of some friends, we put up a GoFundMe to try and raise some of the money needed to treat Archie's tumour (and get him ready for the surgery which will be quite big). 

This is where the books come in! Kimberley Freeman is an award-winning author, a friend and colleague of mine, and an all round amazing human being. She's given me three of her books to give away to someone who donates to Archie's GoFundMe 

This is a competition you can’t afford to miss. For just $5 a ticket, you’ll go into the raffle to win Kimberley's book pack. 
What a fantastic Christmas present this might be for you or someone you love! 
All you have to do is go to Archie's GoFundMe page and donate, and when you’re asked to put in your name, put KF after your surname, so I can identify you as a competition entry. So if your name is John Smith, write John SmithKF.
I'll draw the winners on Sunday! 
Archie says thanks:

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