Friday, 29 August 2014

Pinup on a budget: making wishlists

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I've just handed in my second pinup column for the next edition of Red Lipstick Pinups Magazine. It’s a column about being a pinup on a budget, and without spoiling it, one of my points to save a bit of money was to write a list of clothes you've fallen in love with and then prioritise buying them. I write things down so that when I've got something to spare, I can remember what I really wanted, instead of getting dazzled by all the choices.

I think, with summer just around the corner, and all my favourite brands’ summer lines starting to make their way over here to Australia, (and going on sale as well!) that it’s time I took my own advice and wrote a bit of a list. Some of these things I might never buy, some of them I might get sooner rather than later. But it helps me not to get dazzled by choices to have put a bit of thought into what I might wear them with, what occasions I have coming up, if I have pageants or photoshoots booked.

Once I started listing I decided that these things are too pretty not to share, so here are a few items that I’m lusting after for my summer wardrobe!

With the exception of Modcloth and brands that I can’t find over here, I mostly shop locally with Australian retailers where possible, so you’ll find that the links go directly to mostly local stores.

PinUp Girl Clothing:

1. 2. 3.

  1. The Birdie dress in blue (link goes to the yellow one, but you could call and ask about the blue!). While probably a bit too heavy and long sleeved for a Queensland summer, this has been on my list for a long time. I’ve held out on the purple ones and finally, I walked into That Shop after a pilates class a few weeks ago (hence the no makeup, gross hair in the picture), and there was my pretty! I put it on laybuy, so this one, in six weeks, will be in my cupboard.
  2. Doris skirt in parrot print.I am bird obsessed, and I LOVE parrots, so I’ve been dreaming of this skirt since the day PUG released pictures of it. I tried it on over the weekend and love the fit and cut; it looks good with or without a petticoat and like all PUG skirts, it’s good quality material.
  3. This orange print skirt is everywhere at the moment, and I adore it. I’ve tried it on, I know the fit is good, and the colour is pretty much unlike anything else in my wardrobe. This is a good choice because I do have a rule about trying to buy things that don’t look exactly like everything else I have in my cupboards!

1.2. 3. 

  1. Places to go, people to see dress in Scottie print:  I am obsessed with Scottie dogs and I've been lusting after this dress for a loooong time. It would go great with the plethora of dog-related accessories I've been collecting for the last couple of years.
  2. Language artist heel in caramel: how adorable are these?!! I love a lace up heel because they go with my stockings in the winter and socks in the spring and with nothing in the summer. A lace up makes them a lot sturdier as well, which is great because I fall down a lot.
  3. Critter-cal mass bag in fox: I have developed a bit of a fox thing and find myself being drawn to fox prints when I see them. This cute bag would go really well with the Bernie Dexter fox dress I've seen at a couple of stores lately. 

Steady Clothing

Just one to feature from here, it's the Breakfast club skirt and crop! I feel like I’m the queen of a quirky print, and when I saw this  set on Junebugs and Georgia Peaches, I decided it had to be mine. I’m still looking for someone who stocks this locally, so if you see it in store, tell me!!

This is a new post style for me, and I’m not sure if this is something you want to see. If you've got any thoughts, drop me a comment (by clicking on the teeny tiny word "comment" below this post) and let me know, or you can send me an email, or contact me via Facebook. Your input is really valued!

NB While this is NOT a sponsored post, I am a ModCloth affiliate and earn a small commission for items sold after clicking links in the Modcloth section of this post. Please see my about page for more information. 


  1. oh my! that Steady set is beyond adorable!

    1. I know, right?! I need it in my life, but I've never bought any Steady stuff before so I need to find somewhere local stocking it so I can try it on.