Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Cruelty free and sensitive skin-friendly: MooGoo Skincare

This is not a vintage post, mostly because all my vintage-related posts are waiting for confirmations and publications before I can share too much So, in the interests of not disappearing from here and getting back into the swing of blogging, I’m going to continue along the lines of my cruelty free writing from last year.

The reason I want to talk to you about MooGoo is because I have terrible skin. It’s sensitive and unpredictable; one day I might be fine with a certain moisturiser, the next I might come out in a burny hot rash all over my face. As a kid, I had eczema and then in high school I had some itchy, revolting dermatitis on my legs that was so bad, I once got called to the principal’s office and asked if everything was okay at home.

I've suffered on and off with skin problems all my life, the current worst problem being dermatitis on my fingers, but it wasn't until someone recommended MooGoo that I started to actually see my skin improve, not just partially heal and then get infected again. It also allowed me some relief from the itching without having to drown myself in cortisone (and all those associated risks).

I started out using their eczema and psoriasis cream which I found mild, took away a lot of the itching and when used as an alternative to cortisone, pretty effective. It was then decided by a doctor I saw in Sydney that my dermatitis got worse due to how dry my skin was (she blamed handwashing, I blamed dishwashing detergent and the never-ending pile of dishes I had because I cooked and baked all the time when I lived in Sydney).

The big problem getting moisture into my hands was that my dermy skin was cracked and open, so all moisturisers, no matter how mild, stung painfully. And they all soaked in so fast, and did nothing, that it ended up being a waste of time. Just when I thought I’d have to live with cracked and bleeding fingers for the rest of my life, MooGoo made a post on their Facebook looking for people with extremely dry hands and feet to test a new whipped shea butter. I sent in pictures of my gross hands, and a couple of days later had a little pot of cream to try out.

I saw an improvement within days. It still stung a little going on because my hands were completely raw, but overall, I ended up with basically no rash. No itching and no redness.

It was a long wait for the product to be released after the testing period was over, but I find now that generally, I can treat my dermatitis along with any other rashes that come as a result of dry skin with a few uses of their Fluffy Shea Butter (which is now called Shea Sorbet Balm and looks slightly different). Ironically, today I can't show you a picture of my hands 'clear' because the hot Queensland weather has bought along a mild breakout on one hand. But I am using my Shea Butter everyday.

After this, I've now moved my daily moisturiser over to their Skin Milk Udder cream (which is a light moisturiser, not a breast cream, based off of the cream that farmers use to help heal cow’s cracked nipples). I also use their soap, body wash, lip balm and cream deodorant.

But here’s the other good news; MooGoo does NOT test on animals, and they’re completely transparent about what they put in their products, meaning that while they’re legally obligated to list the scientific names for their ingredients, they also list the real names of everything so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Their range is expanding all the time and my itchy dog, Jack likes the relief he gets from their range for pets called Dr Zoo,  And I notice they now have another brand called, Dusty Girls, which is a makeup range that I can’t wait to try out.

I’ve been told a few times lately that I have nice skin (and that’s without makeup). I definitely credit the change in my skincare back to more natural, gentle ingredients for this, and I’m doubly happy that there’s no animal testing involved too.

Disclaimer: While I do have affiliate links on this blog, I have not been paid for this post and I will not earn commission on any purchases made via links from this post. 

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