Thursday, 5 March 2015

Miss Bombshell

Tomorrow is wisdom tooth day (+4 more - which I will talk about in a week or so when I start my Invisalign). 

So tonight to keep my mind off the impending surgery, instead of going to bed at my usual early hour, I'm up practising pinup routines. Why? Because I'm ridiculously excited to have been chosen as one of the thirteen girls who will compete in the inaugural Miss Bombshell Pinup Pageant

This pageant is going to be so much fun and I'm looking forward to competing alongside the other gorgeous girls. But for now I'm working on planning my outfits and routines, and cutting my music so it's the perfect length for every section. 

If you're in Brisbane or can make it here on the 16th May, I'd love for you to join my cheer squad and come along on the night. It doesn't matter how many times you've walked out onto stage, it's always nerve racking and knowing that there are people cheering for you just makes it so much easier! So make my night easier, cheer a lot and have some fun (it's going to be a brilliant show). 

Tickets are available by clicking here. Make sure you let me know if you'll be there by dropping a comment here or on my Facebook.

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