Friday, 13 March 2015

Late Night Shopping - Autumn calling

We’re twelve days into Autumn and all we've had are long, hot days that are hotter than some of our summer days were! I keep looking at my boots and cardigans and stockings and some of my shorter dresses and skirts (the kind I only wear with tights) longingly. In a lot of ways, winter does make it harder to dress pinup, but for me at work, it actually makes it easier. I have a lot of dresses with low backs and spaghetti straps that are great for a summer day out, but maybe a bit much for the office. But as soon as winter comes and I add a jacket or a cardie, they’re much more office-friendly.

I want to try and organise things here so there’s more regular activity, so I’m going to declare Thursdays ‘Late Night Shopping’ and try and put together some themed shopping posts. I know lots of people are doing this, but you know what? I LOVE posts like this. There’s always something that I’m searching for and reading other girls’ posts on their recommendations quite often unearths places I haven’t thought to look!

So, to start with, tonight’s Late Night Shopping is dedicated to the season I’m currently desperate for, Autumn.

Okay, so let’s start with cardigans. 

For me, because I wear a lot of cupcake-shaped dresses, cropped cardigans are really important. I do have and wear a lot of regular-length cardis, but a cropped one will stop any bunching around your butt and show off the cut of your dress.

Because it’s Autumn and you might just need some light coverage (or to cover up the aforementioned spaghetti straps or low back), this Kitten D’Amour Girl Crazy cardigan is a really nice choice and it’s on special at the moment!

I have a steadily growing obsession with Trashy Diva (including one dress in my wardrobe that I got off eBay that the zipper doesn’t quite close and yet I can’t bear to part with). When you go to Trashy Diva and search for cardigan, they have pretty much every colour in the rainbow and they are nearly all of the cropped variety. I don’t know about the quality, but for $28, as long as they last a season, they’re affordable enough to replace. And honestly, I’ve had $100 cardigans that have barely lasted a season. Anyways, I was a fan of this cardigan in the lilac colour, but the same style comes in lots of other colours!

Sometimes though, you just want a long cardi to snuggle up to. I love this squirrel cardi from Pinup Girl Clothing and because of the belted waist, would look perfect over a wiggle skirt or dress.

Of course, if you need something a bit heavier, but aren’t quite ready to get out the big coats, you can also go for cropped jackets. Miss Amy May, who is one of my favourite Instagrammers (seriously, check her out), has just posted a great blog post about leather jackets and she looks super cute in hers.

Skirts and dresses
I mentioned before that in winter I tend to bring out the shorter skirts and dresses because I can wear tights. I do wear the occasional short dress in the summer but I generally don’t like to wear anything that wouldn’t cover my butt if I had to bend over.  which is why the short things come out in winter.

This winter, my plan is to rock more mod-style outfits. When I was in Adelaide a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in to visit my favourite mod-girl, Jordan from Closet Mod and picked up this gorgeous skirt (and matching earrings). Jordan’s just launched her online store, so you should check it out. Also, follow her on Facebook for hints at what she’ll have in store soon!

I also discovered Uncle Phuncle, another mod-inspired label, when I was in the Raw Brisbane showcase last year, and have been lusting after this dress and coat combo ever since.

Autumn also calls for closed in shoes that you can wear with stockings or knee socks. If you’re like me and love multi-coloured stockings, you’ll need shoes to go with all the various colours.
Oxfords are basically my favourite type of shoe in the whole world, and I usually go to Modcloth for them. They’ve got heeled ones, flat ones, different colours, different laces… crazy ones and sensible ones. Here are some favourites:

Step Rally Flat in yellow

Swoonful of Sugar Flat (The lace! Look at the lace)

Refined your purpose heel (sensing a bit of a yellow theme for me here!)

Okay, that’s enough for me! If you’ve got other themes you’d like me to feature, or occasions you’d like me to try and cover off for Late Night Shopping, let me know!!

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