Thursday, 18 June 2015

Late night shopping - the underwear edition

I only intended to miss one week’s late night shopping, but that suddenly turned into two and then three and way more! But, I’m (sort of) back on schedule now and I’m going to share another shopping list with you.

I think when you have a certain number of vintage or vintage-style dresses in your closet, you start to lust after the allover retro silhouette. I’ve never paid much attention to my foundation garments. It’s become increasingly obvious, as I prepped for pageants and photo shoots and scrutinise my pictures, examine my posture, the way clothes sit on my body and work through poses and so on, that foundations are the way to that real vintage shape.

I’m in the market now, big time, for some good shapewear that will help me keep my tummy tucked in and give great, smooth emphasis to my curves. I spend a lot of money on my wardrobe, so it’s time I actually start making my clothes look their very best by starting from the bottom and working up!
Luckily, I haven’t had to look far to find items. One of the sponsors of the Miss Bombshell Pinup Pageant last month was Sweet Pins. They’re an Australian retailer selling all the foundation basics that I need to get started.

I do love stockings, but I don’t wear them every day because I live in Queensland. So when looking for shapewear to wear with the majority of my outfits, girdles and shapers with clips aren’t the top of my list. So, I’m mostly looking at waist cinchers and waspies first without clips or all-in-one shapers. What I want to invest in first is something like this:
Rago Firm Shaping Waist Cincher (Style 821)

I’ve been following the Nylon Swish for quite a while (which is another reason why I’m ashamed to say I own very few shaping pieces). They stock a great range of shapewear and many pieces are true vintage! The whole site is an excellent place for novices like me to get started and learn more about wearing vintage undergarments. Elinor recently put up a post about getting started with retro underwear, which I'll definitely be following when it comes time to buy my new underthings! Click here to read her advice, which is better than mine given I own all of two girdles and only a few suspenders.

But getting started aside, I've got my eye on this gorgeous Kiss Me Deadly Girdle (by What Katie Did) from the Nylon Swish shop. It's nice to know that there's a local stockist for these gorgeous underthings.

Another one of the Miss Bombshell Pinup Pageant sponsors was Bonsai Kitten. Now why they don’t sell shapewear, they do have some beautiful and fun underwear sets and knickers that I’ve got my eye on. Even if you’re not wearing shapewear, I definitely think feeling comfy and cute in your under things can make a big difference to how you carry yourself. I love this Flamingo set:

And I'm kind of desperate for this set to come back into stock:

Where are your favourite retro-inspired foundation garments from? Got any recommendations for me? Advice for getting started with shapewear? Make sure you leave me a comment and let me know!!

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