Tuesday, 1 December 2015

12 Days (and more) of Christmas Outfits: It begins

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you will have seen me announce a bit of a blog challenge for the festive season!

I love Christmas and in the last couple of years I've steadily been acquiring more and more Christmas outfits and accessories. I love the idea of having some things you can only wear for a few weeks a year - it's almost like I get a new wardrobe for those days.

With all that in mind, I decided to make sure all those pieces get worn this Christmas, and try and incorporate something festive into everything I wear, from today the 1st of December, until Christmas itself. I don't have 25 Christmas dresses or t-shirts, so it's going to require some imagination and creative accessorising, but I think that makes festive dressing more of a challenge. I can't wait to share what I have planned with you!

For the 25 days, I'll be sharing my outfits on Instagram, and then backing those up with a roundup post here. But to mix things up a bit, I'll also be posting some shopping ideas, Christmas crafts, festive events, and even a Jack-related Christmas post.

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